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The F-150 is Ford’s half-ton go-getter pickup truck and is classified as a lightweight full-sized vehicle. In general, these trucks’ payload capacity is around 1,000 pounds; however, this number can range anywhere from 500 to 2,300 pounds, depending on the trim, cab, and engine choices chosen. Since its introduction, the Ford F-150 has remained a customer favorite, making it the best-selling pickup truck in the United States.

Moreover, this is due to various factors, including its extensive list of options, powerful towing capacity, comfortable interior, and excellent utility. Both the Dearborn, Michigan, and Claycomo, Missouri, assembly factories of Ford are responsible for the production of all F-150 models. Further, the fact that the Ford F-150 is only produced in the United States has contributed to the vehicle’s reputation as a pillar of the American truck industry.

What Color is blue Jean f150?

Ford Blue Jeans / 343f51 Ford Blue Jeans Color Code in Hexadecimal A cyan-blue that is a medium-dark hue can be represented by the hexadecimal color code #343f51. According to the RGB color model, the percentage breakdown for color #343f51 is 20.39 percent red, 24.71 percent green, and 31.76 percent blue.

What Colors Come in the 2022 Ford F-150?

Exterior Colors Available for the 2022 Ford F-150

When you are looking for a new truck to assist you in completing the work that needs to be done around Troy, performance should be a priority for you. However, there is no reason you shouldn’t choose an attractive model in addition to how powerful it is. One of those models is the newly redesigned Ford F-150, which allows you to ride in both style and power. However, if you want to make a statement or you just want something that expresses your taste, you can further personalize your pickup truck by choosing a color from the extensive catalog of Ford paint options. The various Ford truck colors are shown here that are available to pick from for this lineup.

Moreover, even if you are stuck in traffic in Albany on your way to work in a 2022 Ford F-150, it will still have an assertive appearance on the outside, thanks to its sporty and refined exterior. And when it comes time to match the Color of the Ford truck that you want for the outside, you can select a classic shade or a bit more adventurous. The following is a list of exterior paint options for the 2022 Ford F-150:

  • Race Red
  • Space White Metallic
  • Rapid Red Metallic
  • Stone Gray Metallic
  • Smoked Quartz Metallic
  • Star White Metallic
  • Rapid Red Metallic
  • Code Orange Metallic
  • Stone Gray Metallic
  • Smoked Quartz Metallic
  • Star White Metallic
  • Race Red
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Interior Colors Available for the 2022 Ford F-150

Even if the outside makes the initial impression, the interior of the cabin is nothing to laugh at. In contrast to most other automobiles, the Ford F-150 does not limit its interior color scheme to the standard assortment of neutral tones. You will have no trouble locating the Ford truck interior color that is best suited to set the tone you want for your trips around Schenectady. You will have your choice from a large array of Ford truck colors, ranging from timeless options to more daring options such as the F-150 power:

  • Medium Dark Slate
  • Baja Tan
  • Black
  • Java
  • Carmelo
  • Admiral Blue
  • Rhapsody Blue
  • Rhapsody Blue
  • Carmelo
  • Baja Tan

What colors are available for the 2021 Ford F-150?

The 2021 Ford F-150 is one of the most popular pickup trucks in the Stephenville region, but if you want to display your personal sense of style while you’re driving, there are a lot of different ways you may do that. In point of fact, consumers can choose from over a dozen distinct exterior color options for the 2021 Ford F-150, in addition to a variety of interior color schemes.

Moreover, whether you’re drawn to the timeless Agate Black or the flaming Rapid Red doesn’t matter. Any driver in Brownwood may easily discover a color that complements their style among the Ford truck color palette. Let’s have a look at the different opportunities available to you through the Bayer Auto Group.

Colors on the Outside of 2021 Ford F-150 Trucks:

Ford included a large number of possibilities for customization for each and every one of the different trim levels, ranging from the lightest Space White to the darkest Stone Grey. However, whether you’re searching for a darker shade, a brighter hue, or a neutral backdrop, Ford offers a wide range of color options to choose from. The following color options are available for the 2021 Ford F-150:

  • Agate Black
  • Race Red
  • Carbonized Grey
  • Iconic Silver
  • Stone Grey
  • Oxford White
  • Velocity Blue
  • Rapid Red
  • Space White
  • Antimatter Blue
  • Guard

Interior Colors of the 2021 Ford F-150 Trucks;

After you have decided on the colors for the exterior of your Ford F-150, it is time to move on to the interior of the vehicle. You can change the interior as per your tastes by using a range of colors and surface treatments, allowing you to produce the ideal color scheme. You will enjoy sitting in Baja Tan leather seats while driving through Abilene, or would you rather have seats made of dark slate cloth? The options you have for the year 2021 are listed in the list below:

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Medium dark Slate, Slate, and Baja tan are the colors for vinyl.

Furthermore, medium dark Slate is the Color for cloth; and medium dark Slate, Baja tan, black, java, and black are the colors for leather. Carmelo, Admiral Blue

When you put in the Ford F-150 accessories of your choosing to give the inside a more personalized touch, you’ll have a truck that looks made specifically for you. Furthermore, simply get in touch with our parts department if you need assistance personalizing your cabin, or speak with our service department if you have questions regarding our bodywork.

Related and Frequently asked questions

1. Where is UK F-150 made?

The Ford F-150 has no right-hand drive version for the UK market. Howsoever, the F-150 may be imported to the UK and converted to right-hand drive.

2. How to get a Ford F150 paint code?

Some Ford F150s are two-tone, with base and top colors. The information sticker needs two codes. If you locate only one code, call Ford’s customer service. They’ll request the VIN and offer both paint codes for a two-tone vehicle.

3. Can you match your truck’s Color without a paint code?

You must match the color if you can’t identify the Ford F150’s paint code and need maintenance. Moreover, you can also use a spectrophotometer to detect color components. Moreover, you can visit a paint shop for supplies. It analyses your truck’s paint. The data will let the provider or vendor choose a vehicle color.

Some skilled painters can help you choose the paint color by examining the truck and using their experience. Before applying it to your truck, test the Color on a rough surface.

4. Ford F150 paint code?

Ford updates F150 paint colors every generation or mid-year. Each hue has numerous tints, so knowing the name isn’t enough to identify a match. Furthermore, 2009-2014 Ford F150s come in Ruby red and Vermilion red.

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In addition, the manufacturer has allocated one letter or multi-letter code to older models and two to newer ones.

It can be a digit-letter combination. 2021 Ford F150 HN is Guard Metallic, JS is Iconic Silver Metallic, and J1 is Kodiak Brown Metallic.

5. Why is truck paint code important?

Know your truck’s color code before painting. The latest Ford F150 has uncommon paint colors. Furthermore, the paintwork must restore a vehicle’s appearance after scratches, rust, or an accident.

6. Ford F150 year/model paint codes?

F150 paint codes vary by model and year. Upgrades or generation changes can introduce new color hues.

Recent model years have seen manufacturers eliminate several colors. In addition, manufacturers can make paint lighter or brighter despite the same name. So, two Ford pickups of the same model year can have distinct color codes. Further, you can’t select vehicle touch-up paint based on its body.

7. What’s Ford F-150’s iconic Silver?

Iconic Silver is this year’s sole F-150 silver option. Moreover, 10% of automobiles on the road are Silver, but only 5% get tickets. But Silver shouldn’t blend in. Silver matches any accent color.

8. Ford F-150 key batteries?

New F-150 key fobs use a 3-volt lithium coin cell battery. Older models use a 3-volt lithium CR2032 coin cell.

Find both batteries easily. They’re in auto parts stores. 4 or 8 pieces cost under $10.

9. Ford F-150 Keys Locked Inside?

There are multiple ways to unlock a locked truck. F-150’s keypad is useful.

10. Do you wonder if the Ford F-150 has any known faults?

Consumer grievances on the 2021 Ford F-150 highlight various difficulties, ranging from issues with the engine and the service brakes to issues with the electrical systems and seat belts. In addition, the 2021 Ford F-150 was subject to a total of six recalls in the year 2021 due to a wide variety of problems.


Not only was this one among the most well-liked color options for the F-150, but it was also one of the most well-liked names. What could have a more tough-sounding name than blue jeans? If blue is a color that appeals to you, which is likely given that blue is one of the most popular car colors, you may find that the Color Jean Blue is the only one that may meet your requirements.


What is Ford's new blue color? ›

The all-new, 2022 Ford F-150 adds just one new color to its roster: Atlas Blue Metallic.

Where is F-150 paint code? ›

Find your vehicle's paint code located on your vehicle's doorjamb label. The exterior paint code will be labeled as EXT PNT followed by two characters.

What is the most popular F-150 color? ›

Velocity Blue Metallic

That means that unlike some bright shades, it should hold its own with regards to resale value. Blue is also the most popular vehicle color.

What colors does the Ford F-150 come in? ›

Exterior Ford Colors for F-150
  • Agate Black Metallic.
  • Antimatter Blue Metallic.
  • Atlas Blue Metallic.
  • Carbonized Gray Metallic.
  • Iconic Silver Metallic.
  • Oxford White.
  • Rapid Red Metallic.
  • Stone Gray Metallic.
17 Mar 2022

What is the new blue color called? ›

And now, for the first time in two centuries, a new chemically-made pigment of the celebrated color is available for artists — YInMn Blue. It's named after its components — Yttrium, Indium, and Manganese — and its luminous, vivid pigment never fades, even if mixed with oil and water.

What is the Fords blue called? ›

Grabber Blue is a solid shade blue as found on the Boss Mustangs and other Ford classics. This doesn't need metallic or pearl to grab your attention.

What is the rarest Ford paint color? ›

Ford's Mystichrome paint is one of the most legendary colors to ever grace a vehicle, and in addition to it being very rare (only around 500 coupes and 500 convertibles of the Terminator Mustang Cobra ever wore the color), it was actually “illegal” for anyone other than Ford to mix the paint for a while.

Can I tell my paint code from VIN number? ›

Your car's VIN gives you a lot of information about your vehicle, but it won't give you your paint code. So, where can you go to find automotive paint color? Most vehicles have paint codes listed inside the driver's door jamb.

What color code is PX8? ›

Chrysler: Black Crystal - Paint Code PX8.

What color truck stays cleanest? ›

White is the easiest color to keep clean over time.

The easiest color to keep clean over time is white. It's the best color for hiding imperfections and scratches, as well as water spots.

What color truck holds its value best? ›

According to the iSeeCars report, yellow is the most valuable colors among convertibles and SUVs, while orange does it for coupes, beige is best for pickup trucks, and purple, being among the rarest of colors in any segment, boosts the value of sedans the most.

What color truck sells best? ›

The most popular color for 2022 pickup trucks is white, according to Kelley Blue Book. More than a quarter of new truck purchases are white, at 27%. Gray is in second place, at 21.5%, with black in third place at 17%. That means that 65.5% of all new pickup trucks purchased are those three colors.

What are the new colors for 2022 Ford f150? ›

2022 Ford F-150 Color Options
  • Race Red.
  • Stone Gray Metallic.
  • Iconic Silver Metallic.
  • Atlas Blue Metallic.
  • Antimatter Blue Metallic.
  • Carbonized Gray Metallic.
  • Oxford White.
  • Rapid Red Metallic.

What are the 2023 Ford f150 colors? ›

2023 Ford F-150 Heritage Edition

Buyers can choose between Race Red/Carbonized Gray, Atlas Blue/Agate Black, Antimatter Blue/Carbonized Gray, Avalanche/Agate Black, and Area 51 (grayish blue)/Agate Black paint colors.

What are the 2022 Ford colors? ›

A new color, Atlas Blue, has been added as a choice for 2022.
  • Race Red.
  • Stone Gray.
  • Agate Black.
  • Iconic Silver.
  • Atlas Blue.
  • Antimatter Blue.
  • Carbonized Gray.
  • Oxford White.

What is the most vibrant blue? ›

YInMn Blue is chemically stable, does not fade, and is non-toxic. It is more durable than alternative blue pigments such as ultramarine or Prussian blue, retaining its vibrant color in oil and water, and is safer than cobalt blue, which is a suspected carcinogen and may cause cobalt poisoning.

What are different types of blue called? ›

Shades of blue include cyan, navy, turquoise, aqua, midnight blue, sky blue, royal blue, and aquamarine.

What is the bright blue color called? ›

Azure. Azure is a bright blue color that is often used to describe the color of the sky when it's clear.

What shade is Ford blue? ›

The hexadecimal color code #2c3968 is a medium dark shade of blue. In the RGB color model #2c3968 is comprised of 17.25% red, 22.35% green and 40.78% blue. In the HSL color space #2c3968 has a hue of 227° (degrees), 41% saturation and 29% lightness.

Is there a Ford blue? ›

Ford has categorized the Ford Blue brand as the stable for its "icons". The Ford Blue model line will include the F-Series pickup trucks, Ranger, Maverick, Bronco, Explorer SUVs, and the legendary Ford Mustang.

What is Ford's original color? ›

Henry Ford of Detroit, engineered his first car, the Quadricycle, and soon began developing production cars for his Ford Motor Company. The first cars were unpainted; if painted they were often painted dark gray or black. Black paint was used primarily because it was the least expensive.

What color car is most unpopular? ›

According to car color statistics, the least popular car colors include gold, yellow, and purple. This probably isn't much of a surprise, as these bright and dramatic colors are some of the least common car colors, you'll see in parking lots and on roads.

What color car is worth the most money? ›

Sticking to neutral colors like white, black, gray, and silver are your safest bets. But if you feel inclined to expand your palette, remember that bright yellow, orange, or purple vehicles could put you at a disadvantage when selling or trading in your vehicle.

What is the most wanted car color? ›

America's Most Popular Car Colors (according to iSeeCars.Com) Grayscale colors (white, black, gray, and silver) represent a total of 78.5% of all vehicles on the road in the United States. White sits atop the list as the most popular choice.

What color is paint code U928L? ›

Jerzyautopaint Custom Spray Paint WA928L / U928L - Blue Granite Metallic.

What color is paint code PW7? ›

Chrysler: Bright White - Paint Code PW7.

What color is paint code U8555? ›


What color truck has the most accidents? ›

At least one study found that you're 47 percent more likely to be in a crash if you drive a black vehicle. Other studies also find that black is the most dangerous color, but offer a more reserved projection.

What is the safest truck color? ›

The safest colors are light, such as white, cream, yellow and beige. This is because they have a higher visibility rating. Darker colors, such as black, gray, dark blue or red are considered to be more dangerous because they are not as easy to see, especially at night or in inclement weather.

What is the safest car color to drive? ›

The safest car colors

According to the study, white cars are 12 percent less likely to get into an accident than black cars are, regardless of the time of day. Cream, yellow, and beige cars also ranked closely behind white; yellow actually surpassed white as the safest color in some studies as well.

What is the hardest car color to sell? ›

A spokesperson from BASF tells us that purple, yellow, gold, and orange are the colors dealers are least likely to keep in stock. However, “people who buy these colors seem to keep their vehicles for a long time.

What is the hottest color car? ›

Black absorbs all visible parts of the spectrum, turning that light energy into heat. The more energy it absorbs, the more heat it emits. White and silver, however, behave in the opposite manner, reflecting all light thrown their way. The result here is less energy absorption and less heat emission.

What trucks devalue the most? ›

Ford F-150

Surprisingly, the most popular vehicle in the country also depreciates the fastest. The Ford F-150 will see a 47-percent decrease in value after five years. This can be partially attributed to the fact that being the most popular, there are also more of them.

What color car loses its value the fastest? ›

In fact, brown cars depreciate about four times faster than cars of the color that best holds its value, yellow, with those vehicles only depreciating at 4.5% over three years, on average.
They are:
  • Orange: 10.7%
  • Purple: 13.9%
  • Red: 14%
  • Green: 14%
  • Blue: 14.3%
  • Gray: 14.3%
  • Beige: 14.4%
  • Silver: 14.8%

What is the easiest car color to sell? ›

Generally speaking, sober colours are best when it comes to long-term value retention, because they have the broadest appeal. Black, grey, silver, blue and white are among the most popular shades for new cars and the ones most likely to generate strong second-hand prices.

Is antimatter blue a new color for Ford? ›

The all-new, 2021 Ford F-150 adds seven new colors to its roster: Carbonized Gray, Space White, Guard, Kodiak Brown, Code Orange, Smoked Quartz Tinted Clearcoat, and Antimatter Blue.

Why is Mystichrome paint illegal? ›

The reason for this was supposedly because variants of the toners used to create Mystichrome were also used in the anti-counterfeiting measures on the $20 bill of the time, so in order to ensure the paint was being used for its correct purpose, there essentially had to be someone there to guard it.

Does antimatter blue look black? ›

I ordered Antimatter blue on mine without really seeing it on anything yet. I love black but also love a metallic flake in a paint. I love the fact that this color is so dark it looks black in 90% of the lighting and then when the sun hits it, wow it looks gorgeous.

Did Ford get rid of antimatter blue? ›

The 2021 Bronco color schemes like Lightning Blue Metallic and Antimatter Blue will be discontinued for 2022.

What is the color code for antimatter blue? ›

Ford Antimatter Blue | HX / 7456 | 2021-2022 | OEM Basecoat.

What are the new colors for 2022 Ford F-150? ›

2022 Ford F-150 Color Options
  • Race Red.
  • Stone Gray Metallic.
  • Iconic Silver Metallic.
  • Atlas Blue Metallic.
  • Antimatter Blue Metallic.
  • Carbonized Gray Metallic.
  • Oxford White.
  • Rapid Red Metallic.

Is blue the color 2022? ›

For Its 2022 Color of the Year, Pantone Has Invented a New Shade: a 'Happy' Periwinkle Blue. The new Very Peri is the "happiest and warmest of all the blue hues." Pantone's 2022 Color of the Year is Very Peri, a new shade of blue invented for the occasion.

Which Ford vehicles come in antimatter blue? ›

Now, those same spies have spotted a 2023 Ford F-150 Heritage Edition finished in Antimatter Blue and Carbonized Gray, as we can see in these exclusive photos.

What color is the blue Focus RS? ›

ScottyT said: The official ford color is nitrous blue according to there website.

How much is a gallon of Mystichrome paint? ›

Ford's Mystichrome Paint Costs Over $26,000 A Gallon and Used to be Illegal to Mix or Spray Without a Ford Representative Present : r/cars.

What colors are in Mystichrome? ›

A different shade variant was brought back for another limited run on the 2004 model-year SVT Mustang Cobra, this one called Mystichrome, so-named for the colors that appear on chrome exhaust headers after getting hot over time, including hues of blue, green, gold and purple – even a “root-beer” color.

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