Easy DIY Corner Shelf (2023)

In this post, I’m sharing how to build this easy DIY corner shelf from just under $30 in lumber!

What could you use this adorable corner shelf for?

Displaying pictures, storing books and décor, a plant shelf? The list goes on and on.

Not only is it practical and versatile, it’s also an EASY weekend woodworking project you can tackle in just a few hours.

Easy DIY Corner Shelf (2)

And best of all, it’s a budget friendly build, ringing in at just under $30 in lumber!

If you’re ready to build your own, I’ve got the plans, details and video for you below!

What to Know Before Building a DIY Corner Shelf

This is a GREAT weekend woodworking project that you can easily complete in just a few hours.

To save some time, I’ve written the building plans below so that the first step is gluing up the boards to cut the shelves from.

While the glue is drying, you can assemble the frame.

This way, you aren’t just wasting time sitting around waiting for glue to dry.

By the time you have the frame built, the glue should be dry enough to cut the shelves out.

Material Choices

Below, in the tools and materials list, you’ll see that this build requires (2) 2x6x8 boards and (3) 2x2x6 boards.

However, if you have a table saw, you can just purchase (3) 2x6x8 boards and cut your own 2x2s from one of those instead.

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Easy DIY Corner Shelf (3)

This will actually leave you with some decent size “scraps” that you can use on future projects and will likely cost a little less than buying precut 2x2s.

Project Cost

Three 2x6x8 boards cost me $27 (in October 2022, when this was built).

Lumber prices vary by location and change day to day, so it may be more or less at any given time and place.

But, even with fluctuations, this is a very budget friendly DIY project!

Overall Corner Shelf Dimensions

The overall dimensions of this project are 16″ deep x 16″ wide x 50 ½″ tall.

Easy DIY Corner Shelf (4)
(Video) DIY Floating Corner Shelves

Helpful Guides to Use in the Build

You may find these posts and how-tos helpful in the building process:

  • How to Square Board Edges and Make 2x2s
  • How to Use a Pocket Hole Jig
  • How to Draw a Circle or Arch
  • 5 Tips for Professional Looking DIY Furniture

Tools & Materials

Here’s what you need to build an easy DIY corner shelf.

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  • (2) 2x6x8 boards
  • (3) 2x2x6 boards
  • 2 ½″ wood screws (can just use pocket hole screws if you’d like)
  • 2 ½″ pocket hole screws
  • Wood Filler or Dowels (to fill screw holes, if desired)
  • Wood Glue

Prefer to print your plans? Grab the printable version of the plans below here:

How to Build an Easy DIY Corner Shelf

I’m sharing the step by step process to build your own easy DIY corner shelf below, but if you’d prefer to print, you can find printable building plans here.

And if you prefer to watch, you can check out the video on YouTube here as well.

Easy DIY Corner Shelf (5)

Step 1: Glue Up Panel to Cut Corner Shelves

As mentioned earlier, I started the build with a glue up so that I could continue building while the glue dried.

(Video) How To Build A Floating Corner Shelf For $1

This just saves a little time.

So, first, I trimmed one of my 2×6 boards into three pieces about 32″ long (it’s okay if not exact).

Typical construction lumber comes with rounded corners, which can make for pretty messy glue ups.

Easy DIY Corner Shelf (6)

To avoid this, I like to square my board edges before gluing on the table saw. Basically, I rip a little off each side to remove the rounded edges.

RELATED: Check out this post to learn how to square board edges.

I trimmed two of these pieces to 5″ wide and the third piece to about 2 ½″ wide.

Easy DIY Corner Shelf (7)

Then, I glued these together into a solid panel.

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Easy DIY Corner Shelf (8)

Step 2: Cut Corner Shelf Posts

The corner shelf posts here were made from 2x2s.

As mentioned previously, you can pick these up from the store precut to 1 ½″ square OR, you can cut your own from wider boards.

I cut one 2×2 to 50 ½″ long with square ends–with the miter angle set to 0 degrees.

Easy DIY Corner Shelf (9)

Then, I cut two more 2x2s to 50 ⅞″ long with ends mitered 7 degrees parallel to each other.

To do this, simply set the miter saw’s miter angle to 7 degrees and trim the end of a 2×2.

Then, slide it over 50 ⅞″ and cut the same angle the same direction. Don’t flip the board or turn it over–the miters need to be cut parallel.

Step 3: Cut and Prepare Corner Shelf Back Slats

The shelf back slats are the boards that run between the corner posts.

Easy DIY Corner Shelf (10)

These pieces are cut from 2x6s.

You’ll notice the shelves get smaller as they go from the bottom to the top shelf because the corner posts are slanted.

This means that all the shelf back slats aren’t the same length.

So I cut two of each of the four lengths paying attention to cut one end square and the other end with 7 degree miter.

Easy DIY Corner Shelf (11)

Dimensions are detailed in the printable plans here.

(Video) Floating Corner Shelves [ How To ]

Then, I drilled 1 ½″ pocket holes into the angled ends of each piece.

Sand pieces well before assembling in next step.

Step 4: Assemble Corner Shelf Frame

To assemble, I started by attaching all the shelf slats to the back corner post first.

I used a Kreg Quick Flip Countersink Bit to countersink and predrill my holes before driving the screws.

You don’t have to countersink the screws if you don’t have a countersinking bit.

Countersinking just allows the screw to sit further below the wood surface.

Easy DIY Corner Shelf (12)

I started at the top and worked my way down attaching each slat to the 2×2 post using 2 ½″ screws.

I left an 8 ½″ space between each slat.

After I had four on on side, I installed the other four on the adjacent side the same way.

Easy DIY Corner Shelf (13)

This looked kind of like a Christmas tree haha.

After the slats were secured to the back corner post, I added the angled posts using 2 ½″ pocket hole screws through the pocket holes drilled in step 3.

Easy DIY Corner Shelf (14)

I made sure the posts were oriented correctly based on the mitered ends, then started at the top, securing the slats to the posts.

I made sure to keep a consistent 8 ½″ space between each slat.

Step 5: Cut Corner Shelves

By now the glue was dry from step 1.

So I trimmed the panel ends so that they were square–the panel should be 31-32″ long overall, but doesn’t have to be an exact length.

Easy DIY Corner Shelf (15)

Then, I used a tape measure, square and a pencil to trace out four “quarter circles” in the diagram above to fit between each shelf slat.

Check out this post for how to draw any size circle or arch.

Easy DIY Corner Shelf (16)

I used a miter saw to cut all my straight lines to ensure they were square, then used a jig saw to cut out my curves.

Once all four shelves were cut, I sanded them well to smooth out my curves and remove all the glue residue.

Easy DIY Corner Shelf (17)

Step 6: Install Shelves to Frame

Each shelf should fit perfectly between the shelf slats–smallest at top working down to the largest at the bottom.

(Video) Easy DIY Floating Shelves | The Best Floating Shelf Bracket?

I screwed these in using 2 ½″ screws through the back of each slat into the shelves.

Easy DIY Corner Shelf (18)

I added one screw on each side, then went back and added another screw on one side just to help keep the shelf from twisting.

You can certainly add two screws on each side, but since these shelves are so small, it’s really overkill.

So I just added three screws on each shelf.

Step 7: Finish Shelf

At this point, you can fill or plug all the screw holes, if desired.

But all these holes will be hidden on the back side, so filling them is optional.

Easy DIY Corner Shelf (19)

Then, finish as desired and display your favorite things!

Looking for More DIY Shelving Ideas?

I LOVE how this simple shelf build turned out. It’s small, but eye catching.

Perfect for awards, small plants, books, and picture frames!

But, if you’re looking for even more DIY shelf ideas, here are a few favorites!

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Easy DIY Corner Shelf (25)

Until next time, friends, happy building!

Yield: 1 corner shelf

This easy DIY corner shelf is a fun weekend woodworking project you can complete in a few hours with $30 in lumber! Grab the printable plans!


  • (2) 2x6x8 boards
  • (3) 2x2x6 boards
  • 2 ½" wood screws (can just use pocket hole screws if you'd like)
  • 2 ½" pocket hole screws
  • Wood Filler or Dowels (to fill screw holes, if desired)
  • Wood Glue


(Video) DIY Floating Corner Shelves


  1. Glue up the panel by making cuts according to the plans and gluing to make a solid panel.
  2. Cut corner shelf posts
  3. Cut and prep the corner shelf back slats.
  4. Assemble corner shelf frame using countersink screws.
  5. Cut shelves from previously glued up panel.
  6. Install shelve to the frame.
  7. Finish as desired and display your favorite things!


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