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Whether you’re renovating or building your dream home you’ll need to choose the perfect mirrors. Vanity mirror, framed mirrors, antique mirror, and even gym mirrors have their place in American homes today. Since mirror glass is often permanently adhered to the wall, it’s imperative to choose the right styles, shapes, and sizes for your new mirrors.

What Types of Mirrors are Popular Right Now?

Vanity mirror installations, framed mirrors, antique mirror glass, and gym wall mirrors are popular products in 2018. Versatile and beautiful, mirror glass can be utilized all throughout the house (link to Gallery in new website), and custom mirrors make it possible to adorn just about any wall space with reflective glass.

Vanity Mirror

A vanity mirror is the one type of mirror you’ll find in basically any house, condo, or apartment. A vanity mirror has long been a staple in our morning routines – fixing hair, shaving, putting on makeup, etc. Nowadays bathroom vanity mirrors also serve as significant aesthetic elements in interior design and are used to:

  • Add visual interest to the wall.
  • Make the room look larger.
  • Improve bathroom lighting.
  • Reflect and duplicate the room’s best features.

Flowing from these diverse purposes, bathroom mirror trends include a wide range of variations such as a vanity mirror with lights near or behind it, framed bathroom mirrors, and custom mirrors.

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Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors are popular and are used everywhere from the bathroom to the living room to the foyer. Adding a frame gives a mirror a more distinctive style and can contribute to the theme you’ve chosen for the room. For instance, framed bathroom mirrors might be ornate, modern, or rustic depending on the look you’re going for. Metallic or wood framed mirrors can embellish just about any wall space – above the mantle, in your home office, or behind the dining room sideboard!

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Antique Mirror

Another trending option is antique mirror glass, which is mirror that’s been given an aged appearance by the removal of some of the reflective backing. Antique mirror has lots of character and allows you to instantly add charm to a bland space. There are a number of décor schemes that call for antique mirrors. If you’re filling a room with heirlooms and vintage furniture, antique wall mirrors will be more in line with your vision for the space than standard mirror glass. In today’s eclectic decorating, it can even be used to soften contemporary looks or create a homey, lived-in feel.

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Gym Mirrors

In our fitness-conscious world, workout mirrors – gym mirrors, dance studio mirrors, and even home gym mirrors – are are used for:

  • Monitoring form.
  • Observing progress.
  • Perfecting techniques.

Whether you’re outfitting a commercial gym, a personal workout room, or a home dance studio, the addition of large gym mirrors will enhance the functionality of your space.

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How to Choose the Right Vanity Mirror?

Choosing the right vanity mirror involves clarifying your design goals for the bathroom as well your practical mirror needs. Beautiful living space is achieved by balancing trends with your personal tastes and preferences, and this is a good approach for selecting your vanity mirror, too.

What Is the Best Vanity Mirror?

Bathroom upgrades increase the resale appeal of a home, so keep interior decorating trends in mind as you determine the best vanity mirror for your space. Framed bathroom mirrors are absolutely in sync with moderntrends, and if you browse articles on bathroom styles, you’ll see quite a few of these. However, if your walls themselves have a lot of character or detail – intricate wall paper, a colorful tile mosaic, unusual building material, etc. – it might be better to keep it simple and choose frameless bathroom vanity mirrors instead.

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The location of the mirror is also a key variable. A makeup vanity mirror – unlike its over-the-sink counterparts – is hung above a makeup table, often in a bedroom. This type of vanity mirror should be narrower than the table over which it is installed, and they are usually framed. Choose a frame that coordinates with the table to meld the mirror and the table into a unified piece.

Another factor to take into account is lighting. For instance, a large mirror installed opposite a window will reflect natural lighting and brighten the space. Or you might want to maximize the effect of a chandelier and so choose a tall mirror that will reflect its splendor. At the same time, you need a lighted vanity mirror so that you can see your reflection accurately when you apply makeup or arrange your hair. Strips of bulbs or LED lights can be installed above or beside vanity mirrors. Also a vanity mirror with lights can be achieved by having a glass company create cut-outs in your new mirror to allow for the addition of sconces. This is an especially beautiful solution since the sconces will be reflected in the mirror.

Bathroom size also determines the best vanity mirror for your situation. Points to keep in mind include:

  • Keep things proportional. Don’t choose a bathroom vanity mirror that will seem “too big” or “too small” compared to the room and the other fixtures.
  • Use the mirror to create the illusion of space if the bathroom is small. A large, well placed mirror can make a room feel more spacious and open.

What Size of Bathroom Vanity Mirror Should You Buy?

Besides considering proportionality and the size of the bathroom, there are some rules of thumb to keep in mind when sizing your vanity mirror. Dengarden blogger Heather, offers the following handy tips for getting this right:

  • In general, the vanity mirror should be 2”- 4” narrower than the vanity.
  • It’s also acceptable for the mirror to be just as wide as the vanity top, but it should not extend beyond it.
  • In the case of a large vanity, you might choose to place a mirror above only the sink area and not the whole vanity.
  • Be sure to center the mirror over the sink basin.

If you are working with a custom glass company, their glaziers can offer additional insights and tips for finding the ideal mirror dimensions for your bathroom. They can also help with frequently asked questions such as, “Should you use one large mirror or two smaller mirrors over a double vanity?” and “What vanity mirror edge options are available?” and “Should you use clips or a track to hold the mirror?”

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How Do You Install the Mirror?

Mirrors are installed using glue, clips, channel/track, or some combination of these. In general, mirror mastic (glue) is used to adhere the mirror glass to the wall, and the mirror sits on a flat surface for support. This surface is most often the backsplash or vanity counter. When resting the mirror on the counter or backsplash is not desirable or practical, L-bar or J-channel is attached to the wall. The mirror sits in this channel for support as the mirror mastic keeps it in place on the wall. Clear plastic clips can be useful for mirror shapes that won’t work with channel – oval, circle, irregular – or when the installation is not permanent. For safe and reliable installation, the glue rating must match the weight of the mirror; anchors need to be used if fasteners cannot be drilled into studs; and weighty mirrors have to be adequately supported.

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How to Choose Framed Mirrors You Will Love?

Know all your options and choose framed mirrors that you’ll love for years to come. Strive for looks that are both stylish and timeless so that your mirrors will continue to add elegance to your home even as your décor evolves.

What Types of Framed Mirrors Should I Consider?

Mirror frames come in a very diverse assortment of materials, finishes, colors, and textures. Smooth, minimalistic frames coordinate with modern décor, and their simplicity keeps them in style even as what’s “modern” continues to evolve. Wood framed mirrors work with rustic spaces as well as homes with traditional or transitional furnishings. A gold framed mirror or a silver framed mirror also complements many decorating schemes, including spaces defined by luxurious furniture or antique accessories.

Framed bathroom mirrors are the perfect finishing touch for a bathroom. For example, choosing an ornate gold framed mirror can add glamour to a plain space, especially if paired with a chandelier over the sink or a custom glass backsplash. Don’t be restricted to the bathroom when it comes to framed wall mirrors, though. They also look terrific in other parts of the home:

  • Rustic wood framed mirrors blend pristine reflective glass with aged wood. Adding one to your entryway will immediately make the space feel larger and add warmth and character.
  • Large framed mirrors are the answer for expanses of bare wall space in a living room, dining room, or great room. They can be customized to match any decorating style and are lovely above cabinets, fireplaces, and consoles.
  • Custom framed mirrors can serve as bedroom dressing mirrors that double as wall hangings. They are also used to create gallery walls, duplicate a window with an inspiring view, or brighten up a hallway or landing.

What Colors of Framed Mirrors Are Popular Right Now?

Popular colors for mirror frames include:

  • Gold framed mirror – Gold is a great choice for a mirror frame if you want to dress up a room or just a section of the wall. A gold frame makes any space feel a bit more upscale and matches any color combo.
  • Silver framed mirror – Another popular and classic choice, silver mirror frames add a more subtle splash of glamour.
  • Wood framed mirrors – These can be rustic or fancy, but they showcase the natural allure of wood juxtaposed with smooth, shining mirror glass.
  • Black framed mirror – A black mirror frame will really “pop” if you have light colored walls. This powerful neutral tone works in bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and foyers.
  • White framed mirror – Alternatively, a white framed mirror will stand out against more colorful walls. These frames can also be used to maintain a white, monochromatic color scheme.

Find more inspiration for mirror frame colors by checking out photos and ideas (link to from designers and other home decorators.

What Framing Options Are Available?

There are two basic options for achieving framed mirrors in your home. The first is purchasing and hanging new framed mirrors. You can buy and hang them yourself or work with a glass company that provides and installs custom framed mirrors. On the other hand, if you are happy with a mirror, you may be able to leave it in place and transform it into a framed mirror. Typically a standard size wall mirror can be fitted with a mirror frame for a quick and cost-efficient upgrade.

How Do You Hang a Framed Mirror?

There are a couple ways to hang framed mirrors. If you buy a framed mirror from the store, it will probably have some type of hanging system on the back. In this case, you will put it on the wall in the same way that you hang a picture. Remember to take the weight of the mirror glass into account, though. Be sure to drill the screws into studs or use anchors; this prevents the weight of the mirror from pulling the fasteners out of the drywall. If you order a custom framed mirror, one of the following methods will likely be used:

  • The mirror will be adhered to the wall with channel or clips and then the frame will be added. (Method used by ABC Glass and Mirror.)
  • The mirror will be installed in the frame, and then the framed mirror will be hung with fasteners and a hanging system.

How to Select an Antique Mirror?

While you can buy genuine antique (as in very old) mirrors, the term “antique mirror” frequently refers to new mirror glass that has been given an aged appearance – an “antiqued” mirror. There are certain situations that suggest the use of antique mirror glass.

(Video) How To Build a Mirror Frame / Simple Woodworking

  • If your bathroom has an antique vanity with standard mirror glass, you may want to switch to antique mirror to coordinate with the vintage vanity.
  • When you wish to add a mirror to a room with old world décor, consider a gold antique mirror – antique mirror glass surrounded by a gold frame.
  • Use a large antique mirror or several antique wall mirrors to create a special reflective wall with soft, shabby chic vibes.

What Should I Consider When Buying an Antique Mirror?

Points to consider when shopping for an antique mirror include:

  • Shape – Popular geometric shapes for antique mirrors include rectangle, square, oval, and circle.
  • Size – If you work with a custom glass company, your options here can be extensive. Besides determining how large or small you want the mirror to be, you’ll also need to decide whether you need custom dimensions or prefer a standard sized mirror.
  • Framed or frameless – If you wish to create a unique effect by covering a wall with antique mirror, you will choose one or more large frameless mirrors or many small frameless antique mirror tiles. For other applications, antique mirror is usually framed in keeping with old world fashion. Silver and gold mirror frames are popular pairings with antique mirror.

How Much Does an Antique Mirror Cost?

The cost of antique mirror can vary greatly. Factors that impact price include size, style, and special features. For instance, in Northern Virginia, ABC Glass and Mirror clients can expect to pay around $50 to $55 a square foot for our stock antique mirror glass custom cut to their specifications andprofessionally installed. Special order antique mirror will, of course, be more costly.

How Do You Clean an Antique Mirror?

Antique mirror glass looks old, but it should never look dirty. Regular cleaning is vital if you want these mirrors to look sophisticated, not grimy. This is especially important for antique bathroom mirrors that will inevitably be splattered with water, soap, and toothpaste!

Mirror backing is susceptible to damage, and two of the most common culprits are chemicals and moisture. Here are some tips for keeping your antique mirror glass clean without damaging the backing.

  • Use ammonia-free cleaners since ammonia is harmful to the backing.
  • Avoid letting any cleaner or liquid drip down the front of the mirror. Excess liquids can run down the mirror, pool, and seep behind the glass where the moisture causes the backing to deteriorate.
  • If you choose to use an ammonia based cleaner, apply it to a cloth or paper towel and wipe the mirror, being careful to avoid the edges. Do NOT spray the cleaner directly on the mirror glass.

With proper cleaning on a regular basis, your antique mirrors will look their best for years!

How to Choose the Right Gym Mirrors and Dance Studio Mirrors

Whether you’re creating mirror walls for a home gym or outfitting a commercial gym or studio, you need large, high-quality mirrors securely adhered to the walls. Partnering with a mirror company is helpful in achieving the perfect mirrors for your workout room.

What Types of Mirrors Should I Use for My Gym or Dance Studio?

Oversized sheets of standard reflective glass are typically used for home gym mirrors, dance studio mirrors, and commercial gym wall mirrors. For visual appeal, a mirror company will use as few separate pieces of mirror as possible to create the wall mirrors for a gym. To ensure the longevity and safety of these large gym mirrors, it is wise to opt for professional mirror installation.

How Do You Determine What Size Gym Mirrors and Dance Mirrors You Need?

To determine the correct size for your gym mirror, consider the following factors:

(Video) Where to Buy A Large Mirror

  • Which wall of your workout room, home dance studio, or fitness center is being transformed into an activity mirror? Wall dimensions and how much of the wall you want covered will indicate the dimensions of your fitness mirror glass.
  • Measure the entryway to the space where the workout mirrors are going. The size of the individual mirror pieces is ultimately restricted by whether they will fit through this doorway.
  • Ascertain whether or not the mirrors will extend down to the floor. Resting workout room mirrors on the floor or floor trim is cost effective and works fine if they are not at risk of being kicked or scuffed – i.e. when a row of exercise machines is going in front of the mirrors. If the mirrors are for a professional or home dance studio, though, you may want to have them installed at a distance from the floor where the glass is less likely to be damaged.

What Other Things Should I Consider Before Choosing My Dance Studio or Gym Mirrors?

  • If there are outlets or other fixtures where you want the gym wall mirrors, work with a mirror company that can add custom cut outs to accommodate these.
  • Walls that are not plumb, floors that are out of level, and corners that are not square can potentially detract from the appearance of large gym mirrors. However, glass professionals offer mirror glass that is custom fabricated to the particular structure of your workout room for a crisp, classy look in spite of irregularities.
  • Figure out what mirror size is appropriate for your specific space. For instance a home gym mirror or dance mirrors for a home can generally be smaller than the extra large mirrors for a gym that serves the public.

How Do You Install Gym Mirrors?

Large mirrors for a gym or studio are adhered to the wall with mirror mastic, glue that is formulated for this purpose. However, these heavy fitness mirrors also need support. Depending on customer preferences and the specific use of the space, glass professionals will place the mirror glass on the floor or floor trim OR install J-channel or L-bar on which the mirror can rest. The advantage to using this metal tracking is that it can be placed at whatever height you choose.

Working with a reputable glass company in your area is one way to take the guesswork out of mirror shopping and installation. Residents of Northern Virginia and the surrounding area can contact ABC Glass and Mirror at (703)257-7150 for information on the mirrors and installation services we offer.s


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